Toreadors Tease Kai

Angel Collins : She watches KAI enter with a shake of her head and a slow smile, settling into he Toreador booth

Pandora: ((back))Angel: Two? I’ll have to go find them and pick them up. It’ll be nice to hear your voice around my apartment. I’m truly sorry about Thomas.

Angel Collins : Ah well, might as well be sociable. She glances to KAI Long time….

Angel Collins : She shrugs adn sighs beginning to believe I am quite destined to be single. ~She shrugs absently and studies KANI a moment more, then looks back to PAN8 Ah well…

Pandora: looks to where Angel’s gaze rests and grins Angel: He is awfully nice on the eyes isn’t he?

Kai Tukov: Not noticing the greeting from the Toreador booth, seemingly a bit distracted. Pausing before the doorman, he pushes back the long cloak to show the huge ‘man’ that he is weaponless… Not even wearing the holster today big guy…

Pandora: sees Kai enter and calls him over Kai!

Angel Collins : nods in agreement, then tilts her head and studies KANI a moment more before speaking You…are new to the city, yes?

Kai Tukov: Angel: Smiles on seeing you A long time? Maybe to me, but to you, I’d imagine it didn’t seem that long [Who’s Kani? Also for new Pics:]

Pandora: Angel: You want me to go invite him over to us darling?

Angel Collins : ((Heard Elysium was revoked?))

Kai Tukov: Pandora: The smile brightening he waves back to you Hmm?

Pandora: ((Yup..til Cinn decides where Elysium will be))

Angel Collins : nods slightly to PAN and smirks Think he’ll get curious with two women watching him…~looks back to KAI~ Oh, pish posh…I missed you as well!

Kani Lapointe: Caribbean accent. Yes miss I am, in fact just arrived yesterday. My name is Kani.

Kani Lapointe: Moves to the Toreador booth.

Angel Collins : OOOOOOOoooOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooh…Caribbean. All the better I am called Angel…would you like to join us?

Kai Tukov: Angel: With two women watching me? Hmm? I barely noticed… With He holds up his left hand, letting the club lights glint off the electrum ring this… I don’t think about much… Looks to ANGEL Missed me? Just a Little Neonate Gangrel?

Angel Collins : DD: In walks a woman that could make most hearts stop still. She stands at a medium height, perhaps on the tall side with a lovely figure that could easily rank her as a muse. Long, thick black hair falls to her waist…wild and free like the woman she is. Dark brown eyes survey all before her thoughtfully. She is dressed in a black broom skirt, black velvet boustier, and a long trenchcoat done in a faux zebra hide. In her arms is a beautiful black Persian

Angel Collins : chuckles How is Carissa these nights? And yes, Kai…I missed you. clicks her tongue at him

Larese: slips in

Kani Lapointe: Angel> I would like that very much… I have not had the chance to meet many of this city yet.

Pandora: Kai: Over here, i think ther is someone here you ought to see. grins happily Angel: I think your answer is here. grins up at Kani Well, then I must welcome you. I am Pandora, this gorgeous creature points at Angel Is Angel Collins, my dearest friend. And this handsome man Points to Kai Is Kai Tukov, respected husband of our own Carissa.

Kai Tukov: Angel: Carissa is wonderful, as usual… Just a bit busy though… So you won’t see her here very often… He says, almost in sad tones

Josette Ishikawa de la Mer: ~lingers in the door way for a dew moments surveying the assembled crowd and exchanging a few quiet words with Gerard before entering. Once inside she makes her way towards the bar proper, Crossing the floor with all the deadly beauty and predatory grace of an asian cat, all the while idly toying with a silver octagon shaped pendant which hangs around her neck. Besides the necklace Kirin wears two other pieces of jewerly : a small silver pin in the design of the tremere clan symbol attachted to the collar of her dress as while as a jade ring on her right hand on which is engraved a single Japanese character which represents the word Honour. As Kirin reaches the bar leaning gracefully against the bar-rail she strikes the ideal image of the sterotypical Western Tremere in other words ….the picture perfect Witch ~

Pandora: ((DD))~Silently and gracefully she enters. Her short, dark red hair slicked back sleekly to show off her pretty features. Expressive hazel eyes, high cheekbones, a regal nose and a delicate, soft, kissable mouth. Her makeup is done tastefully in earthy hues. In her ears are silver hoops, three in each ear. Around her slender, graceful neck is a silver choker with a single silver rose in the middle. On her lithe, toned dancer’s body is a form fitting forest green catsuit. The catsuit is cut with a v-neck collar that shows off just enough of her ample cleavage to tempt and tease. Around her hips is a slender silver chain belt. Upon further inspection, one will note that she is not as tall as she looks..upon her dainty feet are a pair of 3" heeled black boots. pic@

Angel Collins : nods to KANI You will, my dear…you will. motions for a waiter to top off his drink

Angel Collins : frowns with KAI and nods a little I see…

Angel Collins : she smiles as she sees JOSETTE, nodding to her

Kai Tukov: Pandora: Hmm what should I see? And Handsome? He laughs You’re giving me far too much credit, I’m too ghetto to be handsome…

Angel Collins : ((~pounces JOSETTE-P~ Hey!))

Angel Collins : But you are adorably ghetto!

Pandora: Kai: Well, since Angel is alreay talking to you I guess you’ve seen it grins, almost glowing

Pandora: Kai: You are handsome…now stop that or I shall find Carissa and tell her to give you a good….whipping. teasing tone, chuckling

Larese: makes her way to an ordinary little table.

Angel Collins : looks to KANI What brings you to the city?

Larese: makes her way to an ordinary little table.

Angel Collins : looks to KANI What brings you to the city?

Kai Tukov: [ For all the info you’ll EVER need… ]

Josette Ishikawa de la Mer: turns as she is presented with her usual order of Habu Saki and vitae mixed served as per her instructions in a small antique Japanese footed bowl , and as she takes that first sweet lingering sip she nodds politly albeit coldy to the lovely toreador who gestures to her~ Senora Collins …Non? It is indeed lovely to see you again ….i trust your night has been a pleasant one thus far daughter of the Red Blossom

Kani Lapointe: Smiles as his drink is topped up. You are too kind miss Angel. I will assume you are of the Toreador Clan?

Kai Tukov: Pandora/Angel: Sticks out his tongue, pausing to draw away the sunglasses from his face She’ll be by sometime… And That’s not much of a threat Pan…

Kani Lapointe: Angel> Grins I am afraid it is a difficult matter that brings me here. And far to trivial to bore you with.

Pandora: grins watching the exchange between Kani and Angel WtoAngel Flirt! smiling

Angel Collins : That it has, Senora de la Mer…~smiles warmly, then looks to KANI and nods~ Mmmm…indeed. Yourself?

Pandora: Kai: I didn’t figure it was…but it’s so fun to tease. I only tease those I adore you know. grins

Josette Ishikawa de la Mer: Angel >> glad am i to hear so, let us hope that it continues thus

Angel Collins : chuckles sweetly to KAI You know we must tease…

Angel Collins : nods to JOSETTE Indeed…

Kani Lapointe: Angel> The same as yourself. Does our clan have a strong presence within the city?

Kai Tukov: Pandora: Smiles back Hmm, well I’m glad someone still likes me.. he draws up a chair to the Toreador booth Would the roses mind the company of of a alley cat?

Sabastian Ming (Ghoul): He is a striking young man standing 5’9 with a build that reminds most of a feline: lean and athletic yet well toned. Very obviously Asian, his blue-black hair falls in one straight sheet to his shoulders. Dark, near black eyes are a distinct contrast to his porcelin complexion. He is dressed tonight in a pair of black pants and a white dress shirt, his hair back in a long braid

Pandora: Kai: I can speak for myself…and probably Angel too on this one. Please, join us.

Angel Collins : nods8 Indeed we do…as we always have here. ~smiles and curls her fingers under her chin as she speaks with KANI Do you need audience with our fair Primogen Abramsohn? smirks at PAN, winking before she looks to KAI We love felines of all sorts…

Josette Ishikawa de la Mer: ((you are too kind my dear Madison LOL…sorry for the delayed post in watching the tale end of Poltergiest it one of my faves))

Kai Tukov: He slides up the seat to the roses booth, pausing a moment to remove the badge from his inside pocket and unbuttoning the suit Thank you.. Looks to Angel Hmmm, but you only tease me when Carissa ISN’T around…

Sabastian Ming (Ghoul): The careful eyes assess all. He appears somewhat on edge, however nothing unusual. An uncharacteristically warm smile brushes his lips when he sees JOSETTE, but manages to dampen it before approaching Good evening once more…

Pandora: Kai: Why’s that? Afraid to have all three of us gang up on you? smiles playfully

Larese: observing

Kai Tukov: Angel: He watches you with his changed eyes, the pupil oversized and the color of the fall aspens… A pale yellow green and slitted down the middle…. Well, I guess I’d have to believe you…

Kani Lapointe: Angel> I have yet to meet our Primogen face to face. I would like to speak with her soon. Takes a drink.

Angel Collins : ((~shudders~ Saw that when I was three…scarred me for life. NEVER take a small blonde little girl who is a TV addict to see that…)) I would tease you when she was hear as well. Don;t think she can save you from us!

Pandora: turns to Kani I must have missed you say you were a rose. grins But, somehow I am not surprised at all. Ms. Abrahmson is a delightful person, though extremely busy.

Angel Collins : She blinks a she sees KAI’s eyes, cooing a little under her breath in admiration, smiling brightly. She nods and looks to KANI Mmmmm…I shall tel her of you then. I…need to meet with her anyway. May I ask…what is your art?

Kai Tukov: Angel: Oh really? His eyes flash Should I tell her that bit?

Harlequin: Harlequin walks in…..A young man looks to be in his late teens early twenties. He has short black hair, green eyes, and a black teardrop tattoo on his cheek under his right eye. He wears baggy jeans and a t-shirt that says…"Kick me day has not been bad enough~, he carries a backpack over his shoulder..and an attache in his hand….

Angel Collins : chuckles8 That I will flatter you in front of her? If you wish. ~shrugs Kai, I mean it as jest. Yes, you are attractive, but I know you are quite happily married. Calm down.

Sabastian Ming (Ghoul): He waits quietly, hands folded in front of him

Kani Lapointe: Smiles to Pandora. Well I would not wish to intrude on the primogen of this city if she is too busy.

Kai Tukov: Angel: The smile turns to a smirk as the Toreador’s teasing bends and breaks before Kai’s wordplay I am calm, just trying to reposte…

Josette Ishikawa de la Mer: ~notes the entrance of Harl as she rises from her bow and makes a small motion to Sebastian …if you will excuse me for one brief moment …there is someone here i do need to speak with ~motions for the BG to fill sebastian a order of her Private stock of Habu ~

Harlequin: He looks around the room taking in most who are here…not seeing any brujah he knows..he sighs a soundless sigh,,safe for now.

Sabastian Ming (Ghoul): He nods My…timing has been called legendary, however it is a simple skill. He returns the bow with a graceful ease

Angel Collins : she smiles at KAI I adore felines…and…they are stunning! looks to PAN for her to back her up

Sabastian Ming (Ghoul): He nods and sits as the drink is brought

Josette Ishikawa de la Mer: offers Sebastian the rarest of all treasure …which is of course a geniue smile …something no one has ever seen from her before as she turns to approach HARL

Kai Tukov: Angel: The smile dims a bit Maybe, Carissa couldn’t look at them without wincing for a long time… She met me before I got this last cursed bit…

Pandora: Kani: She’s not too busy to meet new roses….though you may drop her a line and schedule some time. grins I doubt that she’d find it an intrusion. grins then winks at Angel before turning to Kai Yes my dear they are stunning. Breathtaking really.

Josette Ishikawa de la Mer: Harl>> Son of the Dancing Prophets …my dear harlequin …might i impose upon you for a moment of your time…
Angel Collins : She nods softly and sighs, then offers a gentle smile They are merely a reflection of another level of beauty. She looks to KANI, waiting for his reply

Kai Tukov: Angel: Too kind… Shakes his head I see them and the ears Gestures up to his slightly canted ears, looking more than a bit malformed now without being concealed under the mass of silver rings as a reminder of my failures…

Josette Ishikawa de la Mer: takes a seat and places her hand casually on the table one on top of the other, settling into her game face ..which means she mean to talk business

Angel Collins : She shakes her head a little, but doesn’t argue the point with him

Kani Lapointe: Angel> Grins Ah yes I get this question quite often from my clan. I am afraid I have been pawned a poseur by many. I am a social artist… If you catch my meaning.

Josette Ishikawa de la Mer: ((harl …its a long story ..lets just call it survial tactics hiding in plain sight and all that LOL ))

Kai Tukov: Pandora: Lets out a rattle of a sigh, his mood falling Welll you know how a Gangrel ends up with these deformities, right?

Harlequin: He notices her change in demeanor..and ..changes his also…a businessman above anything else….he sits down and looks at her evenly…..

Pandora: grins at Kani A model then? Kai: I do. tries to change the subject a bit So, any new music that you are working on?

Angel Collins : She raises an eyebrow at that, leaning forward as she studies KANI I could believe it…~her eyes shift to PAN, making certain she notices this~ And…in what arena do you use these skills?

Josette Ishikawa de la Mer: Harl >> Son of the Prophets thank you for taking the time to speak with me …. I have a simply question and thought you would be the best person to speak to …Now i certainly hope it wont sound strange to you …but i was wondering if you might know of a Laser Tag or Qzar Arena in the city that might be available for purchase ….or a spot of land which might be avail for such an establishment

Sabastian Ming: He rises adn walks out ((Too many windows open for now…ugh…))

Kani Lapointe: Smiles looking to Pandora. No miss… although if someone want to pay me for my picture I would gladly take it. I have studied and attempted to perfect social etiquette an art lost to many. Turns to Angel a sly smile on his face following her remark. Come, come Angel… An artist does not reveal all his secrets.

Kani Lapointe: A handsome man in his late twenties with an average build. His skin is a light chocolate colour and extremely healthy looking.(blush of health) His brown hair is pulled into hundreds of small braids and then pulled back into a well-groomed ponytail. He is wearing a pair of pale khaki’s and a dark blue woollen turtleneck with thin white rings around the collar and wrists. A pair of thin sunglasses sits atop his forehead and his shoes are worn brown leather.

Josette Ishikawa de la Mer: ((hurrry back Sebastian you big cutie ….i really need you to meet Josephine…have to get you in the gallery LOL ))

Pandora: ((you started it Kani! DD))~Silently and gracefully she enters. Her short, dark red hair slicked back sleekly to show off her pretty features. Expressive hazel eyes, high cheekbones, a regal nose and a delicate, soft, kissable mouth. Her makeup is done tastefully in earthy hues. In her ears are silver hoops, three in each ear. Around her slender, graceful neck is a silver choker with a single silver rose in the middle. On her lithe, toned dancer’s body is a form fitting forest green catsuit. The catsuit is cut with a v-neck collar that shows off just enough of her ample cleavage to tempt and tease. Around her hips is a slender silver chain belt. Upon further inspection, one will note that she is not as tall as she looks..upon her dainty feet are a pair of 3" heeled black boots. pic@

Angel Collins : She chuckles under her breath to KANI…not only is he quite easy on the eyes…he’s intelligent. Not an easy combination these days (What color eyes out of curiousity?) Mmmmm…indeed, it is a lost form though, I am sure you perfect it…

Harlequin: He RAE at the question…..and thinks…..then signs~ In truth Kirin-ko…i do not……i belive most have been sold for the most part……I myself have been looking at purchasing some land …for an endeavor ..for something like that…but instead…I would make it …as large Virtual reality complex…..Might I enquire as to why you search for such a place…~

Kani Lapointe: ((His eyes are hazel in colour. Should probably add that to the DD.))

Kai Tukov: A male sits at the toreador table. He is uncharacteristically proper, roughly six foot tall, brown hair worn long, now pulled back into a neat ponytail, making his now unpierced, slightly pointed ears more prominent than when they were concealed . His eyes are displaying the beast’s mark in the form of pale yellow green cat’s eyes. A mixed heritage is evident, his face is a blend of Eastern European and Asian features. He wears simple a long black wool jacket, hanging down past his knees, like a cloak of old. An rather simple cut three piece suit, a dark charcoal black. A silver buckled belt and black dress shoes complete his unusually high class clothing. A gold and silver wedding band glitters on his left hand. However, his still wears his his black Oakleys and a black leather cord and a silver chain lead underneath the suit, concealing whatever jewlery he is wearing

Harlequin: ((i refue to repost my dd dang it..i just did it fifteen minutes ago))

WordsWorth: Ambles aimiably into the club before stopping in the doorway startled by a passing thought. He wears a crimson poets shirt that’s been cut, constrained, and sewn into an enigmatic resemblance of a strait jacket. His hair is a cropped mass of tangled knots, beads and dreads and his eyes a wandering green. A manic grin sits comfortably upon his face as his eyes glide over the room

Josette Ishikawa de la Mer: Harl>>My newest Ghoul Xavier, introduced me to the game a few years ago while i was stationed in Washington ….I find it a useful training exercise ….and a pleasant devirsion.

Angel Collins : She absently glances to KAI thoughtfully, trying to decide if she likes the change in wardrobe on him. It is fetching, yes…but…it’s so…un-Kai
WordsWorth: stands in the doorway, hands on his nips mimicing peter pan, he rolls his eyes about the room

Harlequin: Nods to Words as he walk in…then looks back at Josette and signs~ Hmmm.then you should check out my virtual reality Machines Kirin-ko…do you know of this device?~

Angel Collins : she looks back to KANI So shall your stay here be more permanent then?

Josette Ishikawa de la Mer: Harl>> besides a diversifided portfolio is always the best kind to have …not to mention no one else owns one ….

Kai Tukov: Angel: Catching your odd look he flashes back a wry grin It’s Detective Tukov to you…

WordsWorth: (or hips even, crammit)

WordsWorth: drops a grin to Harl before taking up the ruins of his once beaten path

Angel Collins : She nods, the light bulb visably clicking on Ahhhhhhh…that would explain. Couldn’t very well dress per normal…

Josette Ishikawa de la Mer: Harl>> I have heard of them …Xavier would no doubt be fasicinated …i find the concept …intriquing…but to my org inquiry …do you think you may be able to do some chking around for me ….I really would not know where to begin looking ….

Harlequin: JOsette>>signs ~ I am looking for investors for my venture into a Large scale version of my virtual reality equipment…..a building..where you can program in different scenarios..and scenery….a place to learn in play…perhaps you would like to go into this venture with me?~

Kani Lapointe: Angel> I am not sure at this point. I have spoken with the Prince regarding that topic. Much will depend on the state of my businesses.

Harlequin: He nods>>sighns~ If you insist Kirin-ko..I can look for you….but I must ask…why approach a malkav for this.,…why not a Ventrue…they are the business men~

Kai Tukov: Angel: Exactly… I do a lot of work in plain clothes, but I had to finish up a report today and bump skulls with some higher ups the last few days…

WordsWorth: ambles about the bar before dropping effortlessly into the malk booth, glancing about its enigmatic interior with a pseudo amused gaze

Angel Collins : Businesses? something they may have in common…interesting. She listens quietly, all be it alertly

Harlequin: ((pseudo amused…damn now thats gotta be a weird look…pseudo amused…..~gigglefits~I am pseudo amused by this term….))

Josette Ishikawa de la Mer: Harl>> send me a copy of your proposal ~hand you a small Business card with the words "Nevermore Arts and Antiqutiies, K J Ishikawa Propriotor written upon it along with a cell phone # ~

Angel Collins : looks at PAN In other words, he has to dres to impress…~looks back to KAI with a sweet smile~ I think I should have to get a picture of you like this someday…so I will have proof.

WordsWorth: ((and i am fully amused by you pseudo amusement))

Kai Tukov: Angel: Laughs Oh why? Sheesh, just because I scum around in Ecko and Freshjive all the time doesn’t mean I can’t wear a suit sometimes…

Angel Collins : chuckles to KAI Ahhhhhhhhh, but you see…some would never believe me. Yes…I definately see posters in your future…~winks~

Josette Ishikawa de la Mer: Harl>> I was under the impression that you were well aquainted with such high tech devices and playing field as that which i seek ….you have installed some of those upstairs Non?? Both you and Miss Bethany Adams of the House of the Red Blossom sprung to mind when the idea came to me …and my reasons….well they are my own

WordsWorth: eases into an awkward reverie, his legs atop the table and his arms spread across the spine of the booth

Harlequin: He takes the card….and places it in shi atache case..then looks at his watch……signs~ Kirin-ko.,…I must leave…I will talk to you again…You will be hearing from me soon~

Kani Lapointe: Angel> Livestock, and international shipping.

Kai Tukov: Angel: Posters? Laughs Not good enough to be an model, Angel…

WordsWorth: peers through the mirky haze before him, eyes drifting across the myriad of amalgamated features

Harlequin: Josette>>signs~ Yes..I understand that…and Bethany and I are working together now….I will look into this…and Iappreciate your coming to me…because I am your best choice..and people are hearing about me now….this makes me hapopy..maybe soon people will not think me such a joke….while Malkavs curse runs strongly in me…it does not run my life~

Josette Ishikawa de la Mer: Harl >> I do hope so …and once again Domo Arigato my dear Son of the Dancing Prophets ….~rises, bows to you and then turns back to Bar~

Harlequin: ((grabs Words-p’s thesaurus…….okay…enough with the big words already…LOL))

WordsWorth: ((you cant take em, they’re my protection hehe))

Kani Lapointe: Takes another drink of his rum.

Angel Collins : clicks her tongue at KAI Oh, you are being self concious…~winks and glances to KANI~ I see…~nods slowly~ ANd are they based here or…?

Angel Collins : glances at KAI with a raised brow You are a detective, my dear. You are fighting a loosing battle.

Kani Lapointe: Angel> Speaking of which I should get back to my hotel as I am expecting a fax. Perhaps we will have the opprotunity to speak another time?

Josette Ishikawa de la Mer: ((ack got to run …dinner is at the door…bbl ..and thank Harl i’ve been looking for you for a couple weeks now ))

Harlequin: ((well am departing now…..LOL…..gotta go learn to be a life gaurd…see ya all later….bye Kirin-p….will e-mail..if I can get some stuff going …gotta talk to my ST first…))

Kani Lapointe: Upends his drink finishing it.

Josette Ishikawa de la Mer: ((madison…if your on later tonight look for me ….i’ll be around ))

WordsWorth: rolls his head, the table before him becoming increasingly more interesting

Larese: looks on

Angel Collins : ((Okies! Bye, Josette!)) She nods to KANI Indeed…~She rises as well~ I need to venture off as well…

Kani Lapointe: He smiles and offers a hand to help angel up as he stands. Until we meet again then…

Angel Collins : She glances to LARESE, offering her a nod, then smiles warmly to KAI Later on, old frend…~winks adn turns, walking out~

Larese: notes Angel’s departure.

Angel Collins : ((She would have taken your hand, KANI…sorry!))

Angel Collins : ((Be back later, peeps…I need to eat while the baby’s asleep.))

Kai Tukov: Angel: Matter of opinion.. It’s how I keep touch with my human side.. With the mortals out there… With mortal lives and mortal concerns…

Kani Lapointe: Departs

Kai Tukov: angel: Waves to you, standing up and away from the toreador booth Hmm? Going to be around more often now?

Toreadors Tease Kai

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